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The vision for the GTOM Singles’ Ministry is to follow the vision that our Founders set. The Vision is; “Seeing a body of believers in committed relationships, who love, share, and care for each other in New Covenant fellowship.”

The Singles Ministry was established on January 2006 with an objective to reach out to singles in our neighboring communities to  provide an encouraging and safe environment were singles can come together and fellowship with one another. To educate them in the proper way of courting according to the bible. Also, putting emphasis on building a relationship with our Heavenly Father first, while practicing abstinence until marriage.

Singles Scripture: “Take delight in the Lord and he will give you your heart’s desires.” Psalm 37:4

Singles Ministry Vision consists of the following points:

  1. Educate singles on the importance of abstinence until marriage.
  2. Educate singles on the difference between courting and dating. (Dating isn’t biblical).
  3. Educate singles on how to test the spirit by the Holy Spirit when it involves a relationship. (Does that person’s actions line up with the word of God?)
  4. Encourage singles parents to raise their children in the Christian Faith so they do not depart from the Lord Jesus Christ; while waiting on God to send them a spouse and parent for their children).
  5. Encourage singles to receive Jesus as their personal savior by witnessing and by sharing our testimonies.
  6. Encourage singles to win souls for Jesus by witnessing and share their testimonies.
  7. Encourage singles to stand on God’s word when battling temptations; while casting their cares unto the Lord in every Situation.
  8. Encourage singles to grow in their relationship with God and trust that He will fulfill the desire of their heart.
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