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Gospel Tabernacle Outreach Missionary started in 1992. During this time came the birth of the Food Pantry and Soup Kitchen. The Food Pantry and the Soup Kitchen started as a once a month ministry and now have expanded to twice a month with a vision to be opened for both weekly and adding a place where we will also be able to pass out clothes and other essentials. The Missionary also began visitations to nursing homes and hospitals and has continued on with this today.

We also have added Outreach in the Providence community, joining forces with the Evangelist and the Youth in spreading the Gospel and seeing lives sanctified, saved and delivered. Our membership has grown as it first started out as four members and has grown to twenty six members which include 15 youth missionaries. (Praise God!)

We also have been blessed to bring under our umbrella, Psalm 91 for the homeless, and the Guatemala Mission. We still continue to support other missions (India, Asia, Haiti, and Africa). We look forward to expanding even more in the Providence community and abroad as we prepare for future outreaching and missionary trips.

Missionary statement:

Seeing the restoration of people’s lives. To see multitudes come to know God in a personal way, to love him, and joyfully serve him.

Seeing the Word of God taught, making strong, triumphant believers, who can live victoriously in today’s society, having such an impact on our community that they bring many to the Lord and see them added daily to His Body.

Seeing the poor, homeless and needed, fed and clothed with the physical and spiritual essentials needed for today, tomorrow, and the future.

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